Fred Mitchell

Fred Mitchell, "Pink South Street"
1964, Oil on canvas, 50 x 50 inches


Philip Douglas Fine Art is a private art sales firm owned and operated by Philip Douglas Heilman in Columbia County New York. PDFA represents individual collector, art dealer, art museum and corporate art clients to buy, sell or broker private art sales. PDFA specializes in sales of 20th century modern art and American Post WW II art with expertise in painters of The New York School including (Madison) Fred Mitchell 1923-2013, Jean Cohen (1927-2013) and Melville Price (1920-1970) who's estates PDFA represents or co-represents. In addition Philip Douglas Fine Art represents artwork by Salvatore Grippi (b. 1921), Louis Porter (1904-1984) and Irving Kriesberg (1919-2009). In addition, PDFA has artwork in inventory by Jennifer Wynne Reeves (1963-2014), Kendall Shaw, Selina Trief, Peter Acheson, John Grillo (1917-2014), Jonathan Lasker, Michael Loew (1905-1985), Harry Tedlie (1898-1983), Helen Hamilton (1889-1970), Thomas Nozkowski, Charles Reiffel (1868-1942), Daniel Putnam Brinley (1879-1963), Robert Indiana and other artists. With over 20 years of art business experience Philip Douglas Fine Art has also represented clients to buy and sell collections at auction with the utmost discretion and a high level of professionalism. Philip Douglas Fine Art also works with clients to advise and coordinate on post sale decisions such as shipping, art conservation and framing through a large network of art trade professionals. This is all handled in complete privacy. Please let me know how I can be of service.

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